Our Mission

Will India Mission

Will India is a campaign started and advanced by Dr. Mohit Agrawal on 5th July 2017 which aim to strengthen, transform and develop will set of the youth of the country . According to him skill set alone can not make the country great , it's the mix of skill and will , which generates the Sucess and satisfaction.

Skill can be acquired from outside but will can only be strengthened through within . " Nothing can dim the light which shines from Within "

Will is defined as a center of All the inspiration and advancement . To develop strong will we need to learn various techniques of mind control and emotion control. Art of Sucess lies in art of mind control, we have to have full focus on our main focus.

Great Bharata Mission

“India is a young country. About 54% of the total population is under 25 years of age, and another 72 % under the age of 35 years. If we have to make our democracy meaningful, we need more youth to come forward actively and participate in the change and decision making. The youth of India wants this great nation to prosper, develop and grow quickly, just like their aspirationsand dreams. For this to happen, there need to be leaders who understand and relate to this.

Inclusive Growth
The rich-poor divide, the caste community divide, It feels that India is more a case of Divided in Diversity rather than Unity in Diversity. He believes to can claim that we have made progress only if it touches the lives of each and every individual in our country, and not just a few regions, industries and individuals. It is the responsibility of any elected government to put available resources to the best use. Quality education, vocational training and employment are important focus areas in order for India to reap the demographic dividend. We must adopt modern tools and techniques for agriculture and holistic health care services, which are areas that experience the divide to a large extent. Inclusive growth, the betterment of women and the backward classes should be the aim of political leaders. Like the Head of the Family, political leaders should take it upon themselves that every member of their family (Indians) receives equitable distribution of growth and progress opportunities.
Vande Mataram
Ensuring sustainable growth of basic infrastructure. Facilitating effective delivery of essential public services. Assuring constant water and power supply to everyone. Working towards the protection of natural resources and beauty of the region. Creating ample career opportunities for youth and women. Integrating technology and its use for political transparency. Working towards poverty alleviation and providing pattas to slum dwellers.